What to do.... Chutneys of course

Sep 13th 2019

The end of season fruit is piling up. Our neighbor brought us very large bags of pears from his tree and Ann's mom thought she would enjoy a basket of plums. After making pear tarts, poaching a few fo … read more

Sweet Tastes of Summer

Jul 11th 2019

Central Virginia is a fruit lover’s paradise from the late spring to the fall. Just in our area there are six orchards within a thirty minute drive. See below a partial list of what is grown in Cent … read more

Roasted Mushrooms with BBQ Sauce

Jul 2nd 2019

We are finishing off our barbecue recipes with three that will please the vegans and vegetarians. The meat eaters out there will also find these very tasty! If you are looking for suggestions for Meat … read more

Chicken Barbecue Two Ways

Jun 14th 2019

Time to fire up the grill for bacon wrapped chicken breasts with a sauce using the Norton Vinegar. The sauce has a surprise ingredient! If juicy thighs are your favorite cut of chicken then you must t … read more

Celebrating All Things Barbecue!

Jun 5th 2019

“Barbecue” means different things to different people. Traditionally, the term has meant smoking meats either on a charcoal grill, wood smoker or wood burning pit. Others think about barbecue as a … read more