Mango Salsa - Perfect for a hot summer day!

Jun 29th 2020

This is a delightful little salsa which goes well with a variety of meats, fish or nachos. You can easily change it to suit your taste. For instance, I am not a cilantro fan, but if you are a fan, a … read more

A Cool Strawberry Dessert

Jun 10th 2020

Local strawberries are ready to pick in our part of Virginia and will be available for a few more weeks. This is an easy and delicious strawberry cream dessert that is especially good on hot summer d … read more

Local Strawberries Are In!

May 22nd 2020

Strawberries are in season and plentiful.Many of the local orchards are promoting pick your own, with social distancing! Sometimes, you may find you have a few too many berries and they are begin … read more

Beef Chili with a Vinegar Twist

Mar 3rd 2020

Ann served this for a lunch gathering, along with a salad and cornbread. Delicious! Good food, seeing friends, great table conversation - what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This chili use … read more

A Little Smoke and a Lot of Pork!

Feb 16th 2020

Pulled Pork with Smokey Dry Rub and Basic Barbecue Sauce(Recipe from “Cooking with Artisanal Vinegar from Central Virginia”)Pulled pork, which is typically made from a “Boston Butt” or more cor … read more