About Us


We Love Making Handcrafted Natural Vinegar for You!

My wife Steph and I love Handcrafted natural vinegar the same way we love Virginia, our rural, solar-powered homestead, and our family farm in Nelson County, Virginia. We moved to the beautiful countryside many years ago because we wanted a self-sustaining lifestyle with fresh, unprocessed foods. Making tasty handcrafted vinegar from locally sourced products is part of our philosophy of health, ecology and joyful living. We love going to farmers markets and harvest festivals searching for the most exciting foods.

But we couldn’t find anyone making great vinegar, so we had to make it ourselves!

Now we make our own Handcraft natural vinegar and share it with you. We’ve done years of careful research and recipe fine-tuning including networking with scientists, food manufacturers, homecrafters, wineries and restaurateurs to make our tasty handcrafted natural vinegar you can’t get anywhere else. Check us out today so you too can enjoy one of Nature’s healthiest fermented foods.