About Us


Since 2008, Virginia Vinegar Works has been producing artisanal, handcrafted, traditional vinegars. What started out as humble beginnings, making wine vinegar in a porcelain crocks, has grown and evolved into using stainless steel tanks for production and older wine barrels for ageing.

We use the traditional Orleans method of converting wine to vinegar. Unlike the rapid commercial process, the Orleans method is slow. But this traditional, timeless process, retains the original character of the wine and produces a vinegar full of richness, character and flavor.

The barrel ageing lets the vinegar evolve and develop further over the years. After ageing, we selectively choose barrels to go into our blends. We also offer vinegars made exclusively from a single wine grape varietal. It allows us and our customers the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of the different characteristics of the different varietals or as a crafted blend.

Our seasonal fruit vinegars are produced using fresh, local fruits from nearby farms. They are a combination of rich wine vinegar and fresh fruit and produces an explosively aromatic and flavorful fruit vinegar.

We like our malt vinegars rich, robust, savory and full of umami. And that is what we produce. So many uses beyond fish and chips.  

Virginia Vinegar Works barrel aged wine vinegars, seasonal fruit vinegars and robust malt vinegar, were born out of the desire to add exceptional flavor to all the great local produce and meats available. Once we knew we had exceptional vinegars, we felt we had to share this wonderful product. So now, we offer this handcrafted, artisanal vinegar to the professional chef, the foodie and to all those who love exceptional flavor.