Jay and Steph’s vinegar’s have been a wonderful addition to my pantry.  The malt vinegar is great as a finish for cooked greens, cabbage and even potatoes.  The nectarine has become my go to for salads.  It has a light flavor that doesn’t overpower fresh greens.  Many bottles have made their way into holiday gift baskets over the years as well so that I can share this goodness with friends and family!

Faye P.

At the Walrus, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best possible ingredients while trying to support our fellow neighbor. As a chef, finding a hand crafted vinegar that can support the most delicate of ingredients is key in balancing out flavor and a proper menu. That’s why the vinegar that Jay and Steph produce at VVW has become a vital staple in our menu, from our mignonette to our dressings. The consistency and quality cannot be beat or found elsewhere!

Ben Nichols - Executive ChefThe Walrus Oyster & Ale House