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Virginia Vinegar Works:
Crafted, Tasty, Small-Batch Natural Vinegar for You

  • Wine Vinegars from the Finest Local Wine Grapes
  • Fruit Vinegars from Locally-Sourced Fruits
  • Delicious Malt Vinegar from Local Craft Breweries
  • Perfect for home, restaurants, gourmet food outlets
  • Easy Ordering, Shipped to Your Door
  • Great for Gifts and Special Occasions
  • We’re Consultants for Food Industry, Chefs, Restaurants, Novice Vinegar Makers

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Gourmet Crafted Natural Vinegar You’re Sure to Love

Virginia Vinegar Works is a locally-owned family business founded and managed by Jay and Steph Rostow from our self-sustaining farmstead in rural Virginia.

We grow all our own food and live a solar-powered lifestyle… so making tasty crafted natural vinegar from locally-sourced materials is part of our philosophy of health, ecology, and joyful living.

Whether you want bottles of crafted natural vinegar for your home kitchen and for gifts or you’re a restaurant owner or distributor of high-quality food products, contact us today so you get the most delicious and versatile crafted natural vinegar in the world, right now!