Sweet Tastes of Summer

Jul 11th 2019

Central Virginia is a fruit lover’s paradise from the late spring to the fall. Just in our area there are six orchards within a thirty minute drive. See below a partial list of what is grown in Cent … read more

Creamy Dill Vinaigrette

May 28th 2019

This is delicious with fish or chicken! Try it with a roasted chicken salad or spread it over chicken pieces before baking. For a real treat try this with a fun summer tomato or cucumber salad.  … read more

Flavor Profiles & Basic Vinaigrette Recipes

Posted by on May 13th 2019

Vinegar is associated with sourness and sourness is one of the basic flavor profiles. The word vinegar itself comes from the French 'vin-aigre' meaning sour wine. The most commonly agreed upon fla … read more