Cooking With Artisanal Vinegar from Central Virginia

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“This cookbook is an important contribution in understanding the role artisanal vinegar can play in elevating flavors in food, sweet and savory. It belongs on every cook’s bookshelf,” say Jay and Steph Rostow, owners, Virginia Vinegar Works.

Vinegar is an essential component in cooking and in recent years it has received renewed attention for the flavor it adds to foods and some literature has been developed by artisanal vinegar manufacturers, chefs and foodies. Now in this charming cookbook, written especially for the home cook, three retired professionals tackle the subject of using handcrafted vinegar in foods commonly prepared at home.

From salad to common (and uncommon) protein to sauces and desserts, the authors present taste-tested recipes using artisanal vinegar. Although the focus is on foods from Central Virginia, they are easily translated into any kitchen.Of special benefit to the homecook, the authors provide short descriptions of the differences between commercial and non-commercial vinegars, flavor profiles and vinegar’s health benefits.

This small cookbook is a treasure trove of fascinating historical and useful information and recipes that the home cook will draw upon for years to come.

155 pages, by Ann Mills (Author), Patti Tereskerz (Author), Kay Frazier (Author)