Recipes are coming!

May 7th 2019

Vinegar is growing in popularity. Food shows highlight vinegar's contribution to flavor. Magazines often feature the many ways it is used, and new cookbooks increasingly include it in recipes. Despite this new emphasis on an ancient resource, we realized we knew little about it - how it is made, where it is from, why it is meant to be "good for you". This was embarrassing as we enjoy cooking and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of good food made with good ingredients.

Steph and Jay Rostow, who produce and distribute various kinds of vinegar, through their company Virginia Vinegar Works, got us started on our research. We tasted their unique vinegar and loved it as it was vastly different from the harsher tasting commercial vinegar we are familiar with.

Jay and Steph are believers in promoting local goods. All of us live in Central Virginia and enjoy the bonanza of vegetables, meats, cheeses, and fruits that are produced here. It was an easy decision to marry our interest in locally produced ingredients in recipes using Virginia Vinegar Works non-commercial vinegar.

For months, we’ve been experimenting with old and new recipes. We’ve met some wonderfully kind and knowledgeable people. We’ve learned more about Central Virginia, its history, and some of the history behind popular foods. Perhaps most importantly, we have found that those who have a serious appreciation of good food have very much enjoyed our experiments.

In the weeks and months to come, we will be featuring some of our favorite recipes which we hope you will enjoy. Check back often!

Kay, Ann and Patti